How to Land (and Keep) a Literary Agent by Noah Lukeman

This looks like it could be a useful resource to anyone trying to find a literary agent: How to Land (and Keep) a Literary Agent by Noah Lukeman.

Great reviews (see below) and cheap too!

“HOW TO LAND A LITERARY AGENT was extremely helpful in figuring out the process. This week I landed my first choice agent (within a month of starting the querying process), and I am beyond thrilled about it! Reading the book really did help me figure out the questions to ask my prospective agents and what to look for in the contract before I made my final decision. Thanks so much once again!”
–Elisa H.

“Noah Lukeman, one of the top literary agents in New York, gave writers a great gift.”
–James Frey (regarding The Plot Thickens)

“This will certainly help writers of any kind defeat rejection and possibly score.”
– (regarding The First Five Pages)

“Lukeman’s advice is practical—and often entails multiple, time-consuming steps—
without a hint of the flakiness that creeps into many writing guides.”
–Publishers Weekly (regarding The Plot Thickens)

“Lukeman has stared at thousands of manuscripts, and he can pick out poor ones with a glance….
Lukeman has done a great service to the writing community by providing this glimpse into the abyss.”
– (regarding The First Five Pages)

“I never tire of reading Noah Lukeman’s work because his voice is eloquent, insightful,
practical, original, and sincere. There is information in Noah Lukeman’s books
I have not read elsewhere. The man has respect for literature and it shows.”

“Noah Lukeman has great insight into what it takes to keep an editor
reading your manuscript. Writers will definitely benefit from a thorough study
of Lukeman’s many suggestions which can help them get past the first hurdle to getting published.”
– (regarding The First Five Pages)

“If every novelist and short story writer in this country had Lukeman as an editor,
we’d have a lot more readable prose out there.… Should be on every writer’s shelf.
This is the real thing.”
–Barnes & Noble Writers Workshop (regarding The Plot Thickens)

“If you aren’t lucky enough to have Lukeman for your agent,
he offers this book as a kind of ‘gift.’ Treat yourself to his superbly written reference guide.”
–NetAuthor.Org (regarding The First Five Pages)

You can go here to buy your copy of How to Land (and Keep) a Literary Agent by Noah Lukeman.

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